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We denken de wereld 

scored for oboe, english horn and recorders, bassoon, percussion and electronics

duration 55 minutes 

In this music theatre piece opinions collide, the three main characters are in search of understanding each other, where they come from and why they are who they are. 

Text: Mieke Laureys and Amina Belorf

Actors: Mieke Laureys and Amina Belorf

Dancer: Romeo Lothy 

Coaching: Ruud Gielens

Ensemble: I Solisti

'We denken de wereld' was commissioned by I Solist and Johnny MUS and was first performed on February 16 at at Corso, Antwerp More info:

wddw 1.jpeg
wddw 3.jpeg

Cutting Edge: Unlike the three characters, whose individuality causes mutual friction from which the performance takes shape, the fourth character is: the music. Mathias Coppens' score is very close to the text: mysterious when the characters treat it differently, a release of energy when dormant discussions flare up, witty once the atmosphere becomes informal again.

Not only does Coppens feel and nourish the emotional charge of the words, from the outset his score is an allegory for the solution that the trio is working towards on stage. The composer integrates Eastern and African influences not to add an oriental effect or an exotic colour, but from a focused pursuit of a new language in which different ethnic elements merge into a unique whole that answers the question of the cultural origin of its building blocks.

Concert News: A lot also has to do with the somewhat skittish, at times hectic score by Mathias Coppens performed by I SOLISTI with Kasper Baele (oboe), Francis Pollet (bassoon) and Mathijs Everts (percussion), so that it all remains light and there is sufficient variety to be heard. Nowhere is the score heavy on the stomach.

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