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A Flourishing Flowerflight Fantasy 

scored for large symphonic orchestra, SATB choir and solo soprano 

duration 8 minutes 

This piece is an hommage to film music and to the playful childish imagination that is celebrated in the motion pictures before dystopian cinema took over. 

'A Flourishing Flowerflight Fantasy' was commissioned by choir deChorale and orchestra La Passione and was first performed in the Elisabeth Hall, Antwerp on November 20, 2023 


Cutting Edge: Like a lavish rollercoaster, the score whirls past and through the various sections, always cheerful and witty, yet imbued with a hint of sadness. However, humor and orchestral sophistication predominate, in a headstrong yet accessible idiom that makes maximum use of the qualities of both the orchestra and the height of soprano Jolien De Ghendt. It is a feast for the ear and for the mind, and therefore a perfect ode to John Williams - king of the virtuoso and magnificent soundtracks.

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