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Trio for Sax, Violin and Piano

scored for tenor sax, violin and piano 

duration 16 minutes 

In this piece heavy metal influences and youthful euphoria are combined with nostalgic lyricism and meditation.

'Trio for Sax, Violin and Piano' was commissioned by Kugoni Trio and first performed on November 8, 2019 in Academiezaal Turnhout (Belgium). 

Kugoni Trio recorded 'Trio for Sax, Violin and Piano' on the album 'Essence' in 2019 and is released on al major streaming platforms. 

Cultuurpakt: Mathias Coppens wrote the Trio opus 20 in 2018 as an identity card for the three musicians together. He considered their personalities, their instruments and three pillars that are indispensable to him: conviction, freedom and transcendence. In addition to the deeper layering, the composition is also full of fresh accents to well-known composers and compositions from the past. After all, there is no better invitation to deepen than identification.


Essence is a thought-provoking album, which draws up the balance between tranquility and dynamics in order to ultimately come to rest and repentance. Essence, balance, ying and yang.

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