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Music for Violin and Piano I

scored for violin and piano

duration 35 minutes 

This is piece was inspired by the Romantic idea of 'Bildung'. How do we transform in this life, how do interactions with others and how do events change us? 

'Music for Violin and Piano I' is dedicated to Nikolaas Kende, Jolente De Maeyer and their daughter Mona. They performed the piece for the first time on June 28, 2018 at deSingel, Antwerp (Belgium). 

Klassiek Centraal: That concert with those songs and also a composition for piano and violin as a gift for the first child of the artist couple Jolente De Maeyer and Nikolaas Kende who also performed the work – what an almost frightening thing that reflects the first impressions of what a baby' endured at birth – was of an absolute top level.

I write world class very deliberately. Coppens writes with a strong emotion, which he sets in all forms and tonally quite comprehensible and comprehensible. That is an example of how contemporary art can and may be. In fact, Coppens may well be doing what Mozart did: giving musical expression to all the emotions, feelings, influences and whatever else a person is continuously subjected to. Few are given to do it this way and those who can have something of genius and if so, then Matthias Coppens and Mozart find each other again. And just like Mozart, Coppens managed to attract the ideal singer to give his work, in this case that wonderful song cycle, its world premiere.

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