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The Head of the Lion has Many Faces

scored for large symphonic orchestra 

duration 7 minutes 

This piece was written for the opening of the Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp after a long period of renovation. The Flemish anthem 'De Vlaamse Leeuw' was renovated as well by modulating the 'head' of the main melody in every possible key, stretching and shortening the historic material into a new piece celebrating diversity and inclusion. Typically Flemish visual art may be shown in the newly renovated Museum of Fine Arts, it is accessible for everyone who loves art and lives in Antwerp, no matter their ethnic background or religion. 

'The Head of the Lion has Many Faces' was commissioned by KMSKA to open the new Museum on September 24, 2023 and was performed by orchestra La Passione in open air in front of the museum. 

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