General info: the course focuses on film music and game music. 

- the course is focused on how to write effectively for acoustical instruments
- for film, focus on different styles (animation cue; action cue; comedy cue; horror cue; how to write a main title, melody assignment; soundalikes; trailer music, etc...)  
- conforming cues, beat mapping, midi clean up
- how to deal with hybrid scores
- basic technology when using Logic pro x, shortcuts
- sample libraries and mocking up (spitfire, cinesamples, cinematic strings, las, sonokinetic, orchestra tools, etc..) 
- basic synthesis (how to make your own sounds, logic synths), fm synthesis, granular, etc.. (omnisphere) 
- basic info about plug ins (mixing; sound toys, waves, fab filter, ua, etc.. how to use a compressor, eq, panning etc… ) 
- making your own sample libraries in kontakt 

- introduction to game music
- how the movie business works in Hollywood (pre production, production, post production, marketing; how to work with directors etc…) 

All lessons are focused on what the student needs to develop a personal style. Students interested in developing the craft of film music, will receive assignments, cues will be discussed in group and during individual lessons. 
Students will score a scene of max 1'30" by the end, which will be recorded with musicians, either a fully acoustical cue or a hybrid one, ore a sweeting session. 


If you have no experience working with software:

- the course starts from scratch and is focused on concert music composers who want to broaden their musical abilities into film

- the course is focused on film composers who don't have experience writing for instruments, orchestration

You will need to bring your own computer, DAW and libraries/plug ins. 

This is the basic software/hardware you will need to start the course:

- Logic Pro X 


Albion one of a company named Spitfire AND

- Optional but strongly advised: Focusrite audio interface

- Sony headphones

Midi controller (make sure there is a modulation wheel):

- Microphone f.e. Neumann's or any other goog quality mic - Blue Microphones (if no interface)

Links to the schools:

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