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Mothers in Ballet

duration 90 minutes 

Colliding Forces - Mothers in Ballet is a one hour documentary about 5 ballet-mums from around the world and how they tackle the balancing act between the two world of motherhood and being a professional ballerina. 

Director: Eliza Schroeder 

Choreography: Miguel Altunaga


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Composed, co-produced, engineered by: Mathias Coppens

Produced by: Federico Torri

Dada Studio (Brussels) recording engineer:

Peter Soldan

Masterchord Studio (London)

recording engineer: Ronan Phelan

Fames Project: string recordings

Mixed by: Mathias Coppens, Federico Torri 

Mastered by: Federico Torri





Kaleidoscope Chamber Collective 

Cello: Justus Grimm

Clarinet, Accordion: Sven Van De Voorde

Flute: Christian Plouvier 

Viola: Ine Kuypers 

Oboe: Theodosia Roussos

Acoustic, Electric Guitar: Sander Claes

Harp: Marjolein Vernimmen

Double Bass: Joeri Vaerendonck

Solo voice Theodosia Roussos 

Piano, Rhodes: Mathias Coppens

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